Singing Lessons with Laura Caitlin Jensen


Do you have a passion for singing and music? Do you love to belt out your favourite tunes in the shower or in the car and wish you could sing in front of others with confidence? Or are you wanting to get back into singing lessons to further hone your craft? 

Prices are as follows:

Newstead home studio:

| $70 per hour lesson | $52.50 per 45min lesson | $35 per 30min lesson |

Home Visits:

*5 - 10km radius* - contact for availabilities

| $72 per hour lesson | $54 per 45min lesson | $37 per 30min lesson |

Skype Lessons:

(contact for availabilities)

| $65 per hour lesson | $50 per 45min lesson | $30 per 30min lesson |

Styles: Contemporary/Pop, Jazz and Musical Theatre. ALL AGES and levels, beginners to advanced. 

Laura has been singing professionally for 10years and teaching solidly for 6 years, holds a Bachelor of Popular Music and Performing, along with years of experience in the entertainment industry, performing and producing productions most recently in the stage vocal duo, ROYAL

To ask about availability and BOOK your lesson now, call Laura on 0427 763 653 or email

"Singing is a treasured art that involves simultaneously controlling and letting go. It is one of the deepest forms of human expression and a type of meditation. It is magic. Let me teach you how to use your unique instrument and be forever changed gaining access to this magical sixth sense we all possess within." - Laura Caitlin Jensen.